Thursday, June 26, 2014

theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer

theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer ($24) is described as an all-in-one essential, smart shadow, beautiful blush and subtle highlighter that is tucked inside a go-anywhere compact. The light-reflecting peachy pink hue adds a splash of color to your cheeks and a hint of shimmer to your lids, while illuminating your finest features.

This beautiful soft sheen pressed powder can be used as a highlighter, blush or shadow on the lid. If you're familiar with theBalm products you know that they are very pigmented and have a silky buttery texture. This is the same for this multi-use beauty product. Use a light tap of your brush when applying the Cindy-Lou Manizer; its high pigment goes on smoothly so you don't need to use much of it.

As with all of theBalm line, the packaging of this compact has a unique whimsical theme that is carried throughout their powder products. The inside holds a nice sized mirror which comes in handy for those of us that like to use compact mirrors.

With .30oz of product it is a fairly decent size compact powder that will last you for quite some time. Remember, a little goes a very long way with their products so use it sparingly. I have yet to hit pan on my previously reviewed Mary-Lou Manizer and have had it for more than year now; I use it on a regular daily basis.

theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer is similar to the Cindy-Lou but just in another shade. The Cindy-lou Manizer is a soft pink powder with peach undertones whereas the Mary-Lou Manizer is a champagne-colored powder.


At first, the swatch applies heavily but when sheered out using a brush it gives a more subtle shine to the skin and does not appear as powdery as the intial swatch done with my finger.

Wearing Cindy-Lou Manizer on cheeks

Overall Thoughts
Although it is a beautiful powder I don't think it will be replacing my Holy Grail highlighter, Mary-Lou Manizer. Since I have more of a medium skin tone I plan to use it more as an eyeshadow and blush. I do think that it will work great as a highlighter on lighter or darker skin tones. On my skin though, it gives a subtle sheen on the cheeks but I tend to go for more dramatic highlighters on my cheekbones. Be mindful when working with high sheen powders like these. If you have drier areas on your face make sure you avoid putting them on those areas being that they tend to emphasize them more. All in all this gorgeous powder is going to be a nice little addition to my collection and I recommend it to anyone looking for a pink-toned highlighter.

Availability: theBalm 
Pricing: $24

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for consideration by the manufacturer. This does not affect any opinions as they are my own honest experiences with the product.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How To: Revive Dried Up Gel Liner

We all love gel liners, they're creamy consistency makes them easy to work with when creating a cateye and a little goes a long way with them, but let's face it they dry out quickly. Most of us are tempted to just chuck our favorites once they become unmanageable but there's a solution to reviving the product. Don't throw it out just yet!

Left: Dried up Inglot #77 Liner Right: Revived Inglot #77 Liner

I've tried different gel liners both drugstore and high end and no matter the price point they still dry out. Even my most creamiest holy-grail liner, #77 by Inglot has begun to dry out. This beauty tip will save you time and money with the use of one product that you probably already have at home. That product is eye drops! I use Visine Advanced eye drops. Note: do not use contact solution as it does not work the same.

This beauty trick works not just for gel liners but eye cream bases as well. Here I revived one of my Maybelline Color Tattoos that dried out as I barely used it.

1. Take your dried up/cracked gel liner and using the end of a makeup brush or a disposable spatula, break up all the product. Note: make sure that whatever you are using to mix the product with has been sanitized.

2. Add 3 drops of Visine to the pot and mix well until it has become completely creamy. If your product needs more visine, slowly add a drop at a time. (Here, I needed to add more visine. For the gel liners 3 was sufficient.)

3. If you would like the pot to look more presentable, take a dime covered in saran wrap and flatten the product down. Wipe down any mess made around the rim of the pot.

4. Let stand for 4-5 minutes and then place the cap on VoilĂ ! You now have brought back life to your favorite gel liner!